Vice City!

Yeah so I’ve been playing a lot of Vice city, and wanted to capture the carnage.
So here’s the sketch contrast all high up and everything
Vice City Sketch.

Then I appliead the lines. I was going to bore you with each and every diffrent pen I use, but I opted against that. I still have the scan for the first round, brushpen here. So both are here now.
VS Sketch 2
vsketch 3

And last but not least, here is the picture without those blue lines. I use them because they’re easy to filter gone with Photoshop.

Anyway, the colours will follow soon, but first I think I’m going to work on a commision piece I did for somebody on DeviantArt. It’s a- It’s from Megas XLR. Something I’ve never seen ever.


I am not really, but I was sitting in the bus the other day and noticed how when it’s dark out your eyes look all cool and not there in the reflection so I decided to draw a picture of that.
I dabbed on the emo to set a mood.

Power Girl!

The Women of DC! Maybe it’s going to be a series. I don’t know.

I tried for warm colours. To me Powergirl has the fysique of a farmgirl. I promise I’ll show you a sketch of Powergirl that’s totally fun.

We Like To Bitch assignment Week I

This forum I go to has a weekly assignment.
Last week’s assignment was LUCHADOR!

So I drew one.

Tomorrow I’m going to show you the (admittedly worse) drawing I did for the second week; Fairy tales.

So yeah. Let’s get this party a-started.

Blogging. All the cool kids are doing it.

But allright; let’s start off with a little what’s what, because we want to know what’s what, now. Graphic Design student from the Netherlands. 21 years of age, as of recently.
I like to draw them comics, and I do so. Since I strive to become better I will use this here web-log as both a way to increase my writing things – I usually write small pieces of text, not something epic – and to showcase my art the minute it’s made.
I’ll try to throw in some progress reports sometimes too, with sketch to completion and all in all it’s gonna be a ball.
Ooh and maybe I’ll show some secrets! gasp!